Top 10 search engines in the world

Baidu is one of the search engines, everyone must know this. Especially for those who are online and media, you must know how to deal with search engines. But do you know any useful search engine in the world besides Baidu?

NO.1 Google: 1.8 billion

Maximum search engine in the world, no explanation.

NO.2 Bing: 500 million

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. It feels that the background image of its search interface is very beautiful. It is Google’s best alternative, a fighter in spare tires.

NO.3 Yahoo! (Yahoo): 490 million

In terms of search, Yahoo performed fairly well, and web search performed well, but the dead link rate was high and it lacked some due advanced search features.

NO.4 Baidu (Baidu): 480 million

The world’s largest Chinese search engine, without explanation.

NO.5 Ask: 300 million

Ask search engine is a well-known search engine in foreign countries. Although its scale is not large, it is very distinctive. Ask, the parent company of DirectHit, acquired the Teoma search engine in 2001 and uses all Teoma search results. It is a search engine that supports natural questions. Its database stores more than 10 million answers to questions. As long as the user directly enters a question in English, it will give the answer to the question. If the user ’s answer to the question is not in his database, then It will list a series of questions similar to the user’s questions and links with answers for users to choose from.

NO.6 Aol: 200 million

Aol Search is a search engine website owned by American Online. Aol Search provides users with quick and easy access to related videos, pictures, local maps, news, stock quotes and more comprehensive web search results. Aol Search’s search technology service is provided by Google.

NO.7 DuckDuckGo: 150 million

DuckDuckGo is a very special Internet search engine. He is different from Google and Bing. He does not track and search user information, which can be assured for users.

NO.8 WolframAlpha: 35 million

Unlike other search engines, WolframAlpha is actually a computational knowledge engine. Its real innovation lies in its ability to immediately understand questions and give answers. It can perform a variety of arithmetic, as well as data analysis, physics, art and other queries.

For example, if you query a city, it will come up with relevant information about the city. It displays the location, population, airport, and famous company on the map. It is like a robot only. You want to know all the information about a thing. It Can tell you.

NO.9 Яндекс

The Yandex search engine is the largest search engine in Russia. Founded in 1997, the Yandex search engine has developed into a portal site that provides search, image sharing, social networking, online payment, free website hosting, and other services. Because the share is too small, we will not put the numbers.

NO.10 webcrawler

WebCrawler is a meta search engine that combines world-famous search results from Google Search and Yahoo Search. WebCrawler provides users with tabs to search for pictures, audio, videos, news, yellow pages and white pages.

How about, how many have you used?

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