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Young people now have acne-prone skin, either sensitive or stained. . Just ask what Nivea (Germany), Dr. Lee (Australia), Lange (Korea), white-collar workers are mostly Clinique (USA), Lancome (France), Opal (Japan), Shiseido (Japan) … but these big names are now full of banned ingredients such as hormones, lead and mercury. My aunt is a dermatologist, saying that many young women come here for skin treatment every day, and they all use big-name cosmetics to get hormones. Dependent dermatitis, red cheeks full of faces, and scary looking. These big names feel particularly magical when used, but once stopped, the skin starts to collapse and the skin is full of toxins. Doctors recommend that these big names be stopped Cosmetics, use Dabao, Shanghai Jahwa’s Yashuang, Meijiajing, Yumeijing and other domestic skin care products, because they are really Hanfang configuration, they are all very gentle and safe. They are thousands of us. Chinese herbal medicine formula of the year, but many girls feel, how can these few dollars of domestic skin care products use it! In fact, they don’t know that the big-name foreign skin care products they bought for thousands of dollars are really disfiguring.

My college classmate was an accountant at Unilever, and she told me that she never used the things belonging to their company, because her boyfriend working at the National Health Surveillance Bureau told her that many of the big foreign formulas were actually unsafe, so-called tests I also only found 30 people to test, but China ’s barrier to entry is very low, and they have tested so many skin care products. The most reassuring thing is Shanghai Jahwa. (Northern skin care products are no longer tested by them. They Mainly testing the skincare products of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang generations), and the best ingredient in his family is the Meijiajing series, which is very safe and mild, and they are also very good ingredients. They are all Hanfang configuration. And even foreign skin care products are worth a few dollars in local currency locally, but only in China, there are big-name celebrity endorsements, publicity costs, advertising costs, customs duties, currency exchange rates, plus a few hundred dollars. The contents of the vial are not very safe because they are for the skin of their own country and are not suitable for the Chinese. This is why many Disable the big cosmetic skin began to collapse, became poor. Especially Japanese skin care products, the ingredients in them are not open to the public, and they are full of hormones and heavy metals, which can make a lot of changes in the skin in a short period of time, why the effect is so fast, because the hormones and heavy metals inside corrode you The skin on the surface causes the epidermis to fall off. Of course, the skin on the inside is very bright and white. In the long run, your skin will become thinner and more sensitive. Someday it will collapse and the condition will appear. Nowadays, the skin of many large hospitals The department has many patients with these symptoms.

Young white-collar workers spend their money ruining their faces, but domestic products are becoming more and more difficult to do. State-owned enterprises are facing the situation of being annexed, acquired, and closed down. The nationally renowned brand, Dabao, was acquired by Johnson & Johnson. More and more state-owned enterprises are also facing this fate

In fact, many foreigners, especially Japanese people, like China’s Dabao, Fanqi, Meijiajing, Pianzizhu Pearl Cream, and Ballet Pearl Cream. They are bought by large groups of people in tour groups, and go back as babies, and we ourselves But when I was grass, I didn’t even glance at it. Everyone probably didn’t know that Dabao, Fanqi, Pianzai, and Ballet were exported to Japan and Europe and the United States. They cost 30 to 60 dollars a bottle. Many Hong Kong girls came to Shenzhen to sweep Domestic products, but a lot of inland girls spend all their money to buy foreign garbage-especially Japanese skin care products, are sold to China are the worst production lines, which are specially added very bad ingredients, the result Makes your skin go bad.

Cleansing products:

And I once did an experiment that absolutely proved the classic of domestic products.

The surface of our skin is weakly acidic, because the skin will automatically secrete a weakly acidic sebum film to protect our skin surface from dryness and bacterial invasion. The pH value is probably between 5.5 and 7, which means that in this weak In an acidic environment, our skin is the healthiest and most resistant, but many big cleansers are alkaline.

Dabao Beauty Facial Cleanser, Dabao Balanced Facial Cleanser, Yumeijing Fresh Milk Whitening Cleanser: PH6.5

Pien Tze Huang Cleansing Milk, Pien Tze Huang Aloe Moisturizing Cleansing Milk, Meijia Clean Ginkgo Cleansing Milk: PH6

Most of these cleansing milks are emulsion-like, very mild and have a pH value that is completely consistent with the skin’s acid pH value. Not only can remove dirt, but also moisturize the skin, give the skin a protective film, prevent skin moisture loss, and maintain acid water Oil balance, and cleanliness is especially best with Dabao beauty cleansing milk. Beiying ’s girls use Dabao beauty cleansing milk to remove makeup, and also use Dabao beauty cleansing milk for secondary cleansing. 220ml is only 11.6 yuan. , Cost-effective, I have also done experiments, Dabao Beauty Cleansing Milk and Yumeijing Fresh Milk Whitening Cleanser can completely remove the liquid foundation, as for makeup, you may need Phoenix Glycerin No. 1 to remove makeup, just use makeup Put some cotton on it, then apply it on the skin with makeup, then massage it for a while, then remove it, and then use a mild domestic cleansing milk to wash away the residual makeup, the first recommendation-Dabao beauty cleansing milk 220G 11.6 yuan

Here are the test results of facial cleansers from abroad

Neutrogena deep cleansing facial cleanser, Dr. Li acne cleansing facial cleanser: 9

Mentholatum Whitening Cleansing Milk, Pond’s Deep Cleansing Milk: 8.5

Nivea Clear and Fine Cleanser, Nivea Whitening Cleanser: 8.5

Olay Cleansing Milk 8

These foreign facial cleansers are all foamy, but they are alkaline. This will destroy the pH of the skin and put the skin in an unhealthy alkaline environment. This will cause water and oil imbalance, dry and tight skin, and skin. It will keep secreting oil because the pH is destroyed to maintain balance, so that the skin becomes more and more oily and the water is less and less, it will cause acne, acne, peeling, redness, and allergic skin problems due to the healthy pH of the skin Caused by destruction.


Many large foreign brands of toners contain alcohol. As soon as you smell the smell, you know that it is an irritant astringent such as alcohol or salicylic acid. Asians have fine pores and thin skin walls can’t stand this irritant astringency. Things can only irritate the hair follicles and cause dry, red, and sensitive skin for a long time. This is why many girls are acne-prone, sensitive to peeling, and feel like burns on their faces.


The skin aging speed of Asians is much slower than that of Europeans and Americans, so many foreign brands’ creams are over-nutrition. They are used very well, and if we use them, they will be over-nutrition, which can easily cause bacterial reproduction to excess. Causes skin’s too fast oxidation and aging, and water and oil balance. When you stop it, the skin will accelerate aging exponentially. Many Japanese products like whitening ingredients, but it is not a natural plant whitening formula. It’s enzymes, hormones, lead and mercury that make your skin surface fall off and leave delicate new skin. The effect is amazingly fast. In fact, it makes your skin thinner and thinner. Use your skin in advance and wait a few years. The skin is almost exfoliated, becomes thin and sensitive, and skin problems will come out together. When they stop using the skin, they will see a patch of rash-like redness, which is what dermatologists say is hormone-dependent dermatitis. The water content is very low, and it contains a lot of toxins. In a few years, the number of pigmentation and wrinkles will be astonishing, and the treatment will not be so simple!

I recommend to you some good ones. I have personally experienced domestic products, absolutely fine, and they are large, safe, easy to use and cheap.

Dry skin

Cleansing Milk: Dabao Beauty Cleansing Milk, Yumeijing Fresh Milk Whitening Cleanser (Moisturizing Type), Skin Beauty (Yellow Bottle)

Toners: Dabao Toner, Yumeijing Toner, Qianliancao Loofah Water, Zhaogui Aloe Gel Juice, DiHer Aloe Vera Gel Juice, Affordable Herbal Quadruple Silk Toner

Emulsion: Dabao SOD honey, palace lantern almond honey, ballet pearl honey, Yumeijing fresh milk emulsion, Meijiajing white fungus pearl nourishing honey

Cream: Zhangzhou Queen Brand Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream, Ballet Pearl Cream, Affordable Materia Medica Quadruple Silk Protein Essence Cream, US and Canada Tremella Pearl Nourishing Cream, Longliqi Snake Oil Cream


Dabao Physical Sunscreen SPF20

Oily skin:

Cleansing milk: Pien Tze Huang cleansing milk, skin beauty (green bottle), Yumeijing fresh milk whitening cleansing milk (cool type)

Toners: Pien Tze Huang Balanced Toner, Chin Fiber Loofah Water, Zhaogui Aloe Gel Juice, Dihel Aloe Vera Juice

Emulsion: Dabao SOD honey, palace lantern almond honey, ballet pearl honey, Pien Tze Huang moisturizing and nourishing honey

Cream: Pien Tsai Pearl Cream, Ballet Pearl Cream

Sunscreen: Dabao Physical Sunscreen SPF18

Mask: Affordable herbal replenishing mask, Affordable herbal whitening and nourishing mask, Tibet safflower sleeping mask

Special recommendation

Makeup remover: Baiqueling Phoenix Glycerin No. 1-can be used as a makeup remover, a toner, a lotion, or a mask, because it is a transparent gel and can be described as a panacea Glycerin is not oily at all. It is in the state of aloe vera. I use it to remove makeup or as a toner for many domestic skin care products. Although the outer packaging looks a bit earthy, I ca n’t bear to spend a lot of advertising costs to promote it, but the effect But stand the test of time.

1) Suitable Herbal Peeling Peeling Cream

Many of its products have a shadow of “Béjas”. This dead skin cream is very magical, and immediately touches the skin to pick up dirty things, which is loved by many beautiful women.

2) Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream Reference price-38 yuan

It originated from the beauty secrets of the Ming dynasty and has been exported overseas, rarely seen in China. Recently sold in many large pharmacies.

Apply on the face, it is easy to push away, and it is easy to be absorbed. After a simple massage, the skin shows a natural gloss and texture. It is said that I really like this cream.

3) American and Canadian white fungus pearl moisturizing cream Reference price — — 11 yuan

The oldest brand is the white fungus pearl moisturizing cream from Meijiajing, because the hydrolyzed pearls absorb well, and the whitening effect is good, but you must stick to it. In recent years, a number of US and Canadian net CQs have been released. Many people like them, and they are very absorbent and hydrating.

4) Chun Juan Huang’s Cream Reference price-3 yuan

Huang’s cream is probably one of the cheapest skin care products on the market. It is called a magical “acne removal” product by Tianya and the sisters of Taobao Forum. In the days of acne, apply a little Huang’s cream on the acne before going to bed, and the next day, it feels like a pimple.

5) Prana active gold plant pearl cream Reference price ——- 139 yuan (taobao sells for about 60)

Forum crazy fried domestic products, cost-effective and natural things, of which gold foil pearl cream, gold foil ginseng cream is the most famous, very popular abroad. The effect is comparable to that of Estee Lauder, which has a gold leaf component, but the price is very good, only 1/10 of the latter.

6) Dabao eye bag cream Reference price —-12 yuan

Many sisters use FANCL cleansing flour and Clarins night cream, but they still insist on using the cheap Dabao eye bag cream, which is enough to show how amazing the effect is, the faint tea fragrance, the cream is very moist, and the effect is really good Yo.

7) Qian fiber grass loofah water Reference price — 20 yuan

A toner sold on Taobao crazy, using the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of loofah, to maintain skin moisture, improve roughness, and especially moisturize the skin after sun exposure. 20 yuan 500, used to make paper film or when moisturizing spray, the effect is very good.

8) Zhaogui aloe vera reference price — 45 yuan

Aloe vera contains more ingredients than many products, so it is more authentic. This mask gel is the one with a high concentration. It feels good to have acne and has anti-inflammatory effect.

9) Strange magic beauty honey Reference price — 40 yuan

Maybe people on our side rarely hear about this product, but it is a super popular one bought in Beijing, which is only sold in Beijing Friendship Store and Scitech. The customers are mainly foreigners, especially Japanese, often a bunch Buy a bunch of land to go home. This product is highly moisturizing, easily absorbed by the skin, can inhibit skin pigmentation, and delay the generation of skin wrinkles.

10) An’an facial cleanser Reference price —- 6 yuan

I believe this is a brand that many girls after the 1970s have used when they read. Other acne cleansing creams are applied on the acne-like areas like a cream, and then gently massaged with a paper towel. After a period of time, acne is well controlled. Doudou on the back, use bath salt or Shanghai sulfur soap, and keep going for a while

11) Shanghai sulfur soap can also be used to remove the slight sweat under the armpit! !! !! !! I used to buy one in the summer and apply a thick layer of water to the underarms. If it dries, add a little water, so that I can wash it all day and wash it off when I take a shower at night. Once or twice, you don’t need sweat or deodorant all summer.

12) When the acne is very serious, squeeze a bit of toothpaste on it, and the swelling will be super fast. It only needs to be washed off in about 2 hours, otherwise the skin will be bitten black

13) Loris hair oil has been scalded for more than ten years, and twice a year, never burns money for maintenance, just apply a little oil after washing and drying her hair. Hair that has been scalded never splits, and it does not need to be sprayed with styling water after the hair dries, nor will it be puffed out. I originally thought that I had good hair quality. I stopped using it or switched to another foreign brand, and immediately turned yellow and withered. The price is cheap, more than three dollars, just be careful not to wipe too much, you may feel the hair is more oily. Available at the small Lianhua Supermarket

14) Vaseline is a good thing. It can be used as a lip balm for many students with sensitive skin. Massage the feet with petroleum jelly, and then wear socks to sleep. The next day, give you a pair of pink feet.

15) 0.025% retinoic acid cream: Occasionally, a acne occurs, and it is applied to Doudou before going to bed, and it basically disappears. (pharmacy)

16) Heplin: Doudou scars disappear after Doudou disappears. This is to deal with new acne scars, no hormones, and effective. (pharmacy)

17) Rosehip oil: It is not expensive, and it has a good effect on applying scars, including old scars. A small mark on the calf that was once scratched is now basically eliminated, but it must be rubbed and massaged often.

18) Recommend to you a mask that is really very easy to use and affordable: Snow is perfect. This is a domestic product. Many people in Hong Kong also praise it as a general maintenance. It is really good. Yes, I have used a lot of acne since childhood. It did n’t work. When I was a sophomore, I used a bottle of snow perfect acne mute essence and toner. It was miraculously good and it worked! !! !!

19) Wear sandals to grind the heels in the summer, and adjust with cheap snowflake cream and vinegar to remove dead skin and rejuvenate. Mother always paints the heels of her feet like this all year round.

20) Watsons Coconut Fragrance Bath Oil is easy to use and cheap. It is very moisturized after use. I ca n’t lift my legs and my skin is too slippery.

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